Can be dangerous ! to use Google Chrome, such as Fake Address Bar Spot

If the internet is not used properly then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Phishing attacks are being done by creating a fake address bar under a security reduction in the Google Chrome browser. This bug was detected by a developer named James Fisher. James explained that when the user scrolls down on the browser, then how does Chrome mobile app disappear the address bar? James called it The Inception Bar Method. It is used to create a Fake Address bar display. It does not disappear until the user visits another website.

This does not allow the user to see the real address bar. James has also given demonstrated proof to prove it. Large-scale fishing campaigns are being run to steal user information through this bug. James has described how a user is taken to a website using the Fake Address Bar where he should not be. This is all because the UI in the mobile version of Chrome disappears with the page scrolling down.

Well, Google is trying to improve this deficiency but there is a way you can spot the Fake Address Bar.

Users can force Chrome to show the UI to the UI. For this, after you have opened the Chrome app, you have to unlock the phone and then unlock it.

This resets the Chrome app window. This will allow you to see the UI. If the URL is faked, you will see two URL times. The one who is upwards will be the real time. Right there, which will be downwards, it will be a fak bar.

If you are working on multiple tabs, then you have to pay attention to the number of tab icon. The Inception Bar always shows the wrong number.

It is very easy to spot the Inception Bar under the new Dark Mode feature in Chrome Android. When the dark mode is enabled, the URL bar and other UI elements will appear in black. At the same time, the Fake URL will be in white. If you are using the normal Chrome Mobile UI theme, then the Fake URL will appear in black.